Recommended: Cold

This month I have decided to develop the monthly Recommended Read strand of ESPIONART into a broader, more personal section renamed Recommended. Instead of focusing on (only) Cold War art-related books, each month I will suggest something that I believe will be of interest to the Cold War art enthusiast.


Top of my list of recommendations is the wonderful Victoria Dougherty and her blog Cold. An accomplished author, Victoria has published a series of Cold War spy thrillers which are the perfect holiday reading for every Cold War aficionado. Her blog proves her skills as a master storyteller: word-perfect, gripping, insightful, hilarious and touching.

Victoria’s fascination with all things cold stems from her Czech heritage, and many of her stories are alive with memories of her spirited, colourful and boisterous family. Victoria draws you into their world, a world of daring escapes, communist snitches, goulash, gargoyles and bone-chilling cold.

You can also follow Victoria Dougherty on Facebook and Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Recommended: Cold

    1. You’re very welcome – the feeling is mutual! Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier to thank you for the Versatile Blogger recommendation. I really appreciated it, although I didn’t have a list of blogs as good as yours to suggest.

      1. No worries 🙂 I figure I need about two extra hours a day just to get back to people, pay bills, wash my dishes for heaven’s sake. This not enough hours in the day thing is killing me.

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