Recommended: When The War Was Cold

Pink FloydThe Cold War wasn’t just a source of inspiration for visual artists. Its influence can also be heard in many iconic pop songs of the era: from the nuclear paranoia of Two Tribes by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Sting’s Russians; to a plea for reconciliation in Billy Joel’s Leningrad and the pop parody of Back In The USSR by The Beatles.

When The War Was Cold is a Spotify playlist linked to ESPIONART that aims to build a catalogue of Cold War-themed songs. Meanwhile a YouTube playlist of the same name will host music videos with a Cold War twist. The project is just beginning so you are invited to get involved and add to both with your suggestions. Just leave a Comment below to share your ideas.

Image: Storm Thorgerson, album cover design for The Division Bell by Pink Floyd, 1994 © EMI Records/Columbia Records

2 thoughts on “Recommended: When The War Was Cold

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I do have the English-language version, 99 Red Balloons, on the Spotify playlist but perhaps I should add the original German too. Video now added to the YouTube playlist. Just shout if you think of any others!

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