Featured Artist: Robert Rauschenberg

A worthy analysis of the impact of the Cold War on Robert Rauschenberg warrants more than a single post. The American pop artist frequently chronicled major geopolitical events resulting from the clash between competing superpowers, as well as commenting on the daily tensions of life in the shadow of the mushroom cloud. Perhaps the most obvious is his series of prints entitled Soviet/American Array, produced for his solo exhibition in Moscow in 1989. Here sculpted busts of Lenin and photographs taken in Red Square rubbed up against US cityscapes and Western consumerism to dizzying effect.

But in the interests of brevity, here’s one I made earlier:
The Space Curiosity of Robert Rauschenberg

Click on the link to see my entry for the Artsy Emerging Curator competition, where I explore Rauschenberg’s fascination with the Space Race and how the astronaut came to symbolise his hopes for world peace.

Robert Rauschenberg, Soviet/American Array VII, 1988 © Robert Rauschenberg Foundation / Licensed by VAGA, New York, New York.

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