Exhibition of the Month: Mao’s Golden Mangoes

The China Institute in New York is currently shining a light on the unlikely moment when the humble mango became a symbol of revolutionary zeal. The story begins in 1968, when an ambassadorial delegation from Pakistan brought Mao Zedong a basket of fresh mangoes, their national fruit. As a symbol of his benevolence during a crucial moment in the establishment of the Cultural Revolution, the … Continue reading Exhibition of the Month: Mao’s Golden Mangoes

Featured Artist: Wang Guangyi

The Chinese painter and sculptor, Wang Guangyi, is the most celebrated member of the Political Pop art movement. Raised in the midst of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, where he spent his schooldays creating propaganda drawings, Wang’s art now parodies this style to comment on the ongoing influence of Cold War politics. Wang’s most famous work, a series of paintings under the title Great Criticism, blends propagandistic imagery from … Continue reading Featured Artist: Wang Guangyi