Recommended: Cold

This month I have decided to develop the monthly Recommended Read strand of ESPIONART into a broader, more personal section renamed Recommended. Instead of focusing on (only) Cold War art-related books, each month I will suggest something that I believe will be of interest to the Cold War art enthusiast. ________ Top of my list of recommendations is the wonderful Victoria Dougherty and her blog … Continue reading Recommended: Cold

Hidden Images After the Velvet Revolution

Over the course of six weeks from 17 November 1989, the Velvet Revolution brought to an end four decades of Communist rule in Czechoslovakia. The protests were led by dissident playwright, Václav Havel, bringing the arts to the forefront of the revolution. Since the Czechoslovak coup d’état of 1948, artists in the country had been forced to submit to the restrictions of Soviet Socialist Realism. … Continue reading Hidden Images After the Velvet Revolution

What & Where: Prague’s Memorial to the Victims of Communism

There are few more magical sights than the view from the top of Petřín Hill in Prague, looking down over the rooftops of the Czech capital in the shadow of Petřínská rozhledna, the Czech answer to Paris’s Eiffel Tower. But taking the scenic walk down, lost in Bohemian reverie, visitors are suddenly faced with an altogether less picturesque vision. Six bronze figures descend the steps, … Continue reading What & Where: Prague’s Memorial to the Victims of Communism