Recommended: Goldfinger’s House

In the affluent London neighbourhood of Hampstead, a trip to a historic building brings to light the story behind a famous fictional Cold War baddie. 2 Willow Road was the family home of the Hungarian-born architect, Ernö Goldfinger. But the modernist design of his 1939 building proved unpopular with other Hampstead residents, including author Ian Fleming. The creator of James Bond objected to the demolition … Continue reading Recommended: Goldfinger’s House

On Her Majesty’s Secret Art Service

This year marks 60 years since the publication of Casino Royale by British author, Ian Fleming, and with it the first appearance in print of everyone’s favourite spy – Bond, James Bond. Bond’s exotic world of suggestively-named femme fatales and inexplicable gadgets appeared to be a world away from the stuffy academia of art history. Until 1979. When Sir Anthony Blunt – Professor of History of … Continue reading On Her Majesty’s Secret Art Service