Recommended: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill

A scantily-clad femme fatale, a pristinely-coiffed hero, and an array of imaginatively-evil baddies. Throw in some guns and gadgets and you have the perfect recipe for a spy thriller. Kiss Kiss Kill Kill is a multidimensional project dedicated to preserving and sharing the graphic art and forgotten spy films of Cold War Europe. Amassed by creator and curator Richard Rhys Davies, the collection now runs … Continue reading Recommended: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill

Recommended: Cold

This month I have decided to develop the monthly Recommended Read strand of ESPIONART into a broader, more personal section renamed Recommended. Instead of focusing on (only) Cold War art-related books, each month I will suggest something that I believe will be of interest to the Cold War art enthusiast. ________ Top of my list of recommendations is the wonderful Victoria Dougherty and her blog … Continue reading Recommended: Cold