Espionart is an online research platform, investigating art as diplomacy, propaganda and resistance in the Cold War and its aftermath. Read the Hot Art / Cold War blog and follow on Twitter and Instagram.

Espionart was founded in July 2013 as a blog aiming to reveal the contribution and response of painting, sculpture, photography and the other visual arts to the unique geopolitical and psychological circumstances of the Cold War. The project has since developed to explore the wider relationship between visual culture, politics and ideology, including the role of art in current conflicts and international relations that have their origins in the Cold War. Through weekly posts, Espionart uncovers forgotten facts and stories and gives recommendations on exhibitions to visit, books to read, and artists and artworks to discover.

Espionart is written by Dr Julia Tatiana Bailey, an art historian and curator specialising in Soviet-American cultural exchange. You can find out more about Julia’s research at


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